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Learn about other's experience with Angela's sessions.

From Christine:

“With ADHD as part of my life I always think about many things at the same time, both my mind and I are always rushing somewhere at a high speed. After just one BodyTalk session, I was able to relax! What a great feeling to be able to think about just one thing at a time, or even better: to completely turn off the mind. At night, I had a deep sleep (like a baby) and woke up completely rejuvenated!

From Anna:

“I have to admit, I was somehow reluctant to try BodyTalk. I was amazed when I felt the energy on my legs. At the same time I saw anxiety leaving my mind transformed into unexpected tears falling from eyes. Since then, I am more aware of certain problems that can make me anxious. I am empowered to communicate more with people in order to release tension and free my mind. That night I could not stop chatting and smiling with my friends - I felt great!”

From Paula:

“I approached BodyTalk therapy because of my back pain that I had had for a long time and often kept me from sleeping at night. My expectations were low, as always, and I was not counting on becoming healthy again after the therapy. Angela, my ‘body talker’ talked to me about it and asked me if I wanted to try. “Why not”, I said to myself. The biggest benefit was that after my first BodyTalk session with Angela in Boston, I felt more relaxed. A couple of times I also fell asleep during the session; that was such a nice feeling since I usually have difficulty falling asleep. And now, I actually sleep through the whole night. How good it is to wake up in the morning without that heavy feeling of being tired!”


From Anastasia:

"Before BodyTalk, I had a certain uneasiness inside myself, and I never understood why and what. It seemed as if I had never forgiven certain issues from my past, and my mind wouldn’t let go. I didn't realize I had strong obsessions for past events. Through  BodyTalk, I found out what the issues were; I was so surprised, almost shocked to discover that I still had feelings for those past events.... back to almost 33 years ago. After that, I started facing my deep problems, finally I accepted them, I understood I couldn’t change them, and I moved on. I started feeling better, I dated a new guy and I was having fun. I felt relaxed with no more feelings of uneasiness inside. Even eating was better, with no cramps in my stomach as I had suffered before. I had 3 sessions in total when I was in Boston for 5 weeks, still during the third session, I found out more, more and more.”